Labo-Proto-Transfo®, our innovative model for positive business transformation, is the result of five long years of R & D.
Unlike traditional methods of business transformation, Labo-Proto-Transfo centres on managerial innovation and encourages an organic process that evolves naturally through individual contribution.

The 3 main stages of transformation with Imfusio:



Imfusio helps set up groups of volunteers in order to experiment with new ideas and practices.



Having familiarised themselves with these new practices and positions, the volunteers start to disseminate them within their environment.


The new reality

During the diffusion, the whole organisation adopts these new practices and positions. A new culture is born!

So, how does it work?

Before we start working together, we enjoy getting to know you and make sure we understand your needs via:

  • A meeting with the management team to establish the goals of the process
  • Setting up shared diagnostic and measurement indicators to assess your strategic and business reality. This is where the Sometrics tool comes in.

With the principles firmly established, Imfusio sets up ways of working specifically designed designed for your transformation.

What sets us apart

Transformation with Imfusio looks different for every business we work with. That’s because instead of the traditional, “one-size-fits-all” approach, we allow a unique process to evolve as we work with our clients. Inevitably, this process continues to evolve and adapt to your organisation’s strategy and culture over time. Because we start with a positive approach and involve everyone in the business, no matter what their place in the hierarchy, the transformation that happens is tailor-made to your business and easily disseminated.


This progressive, natural and non-coercive transformation has many benefits:

For your collaborators:

  • Loyalty
  • Commitment
  • Ability to take the initiative
  • Enjoyable work

For your organisation:

  • New managerial culture
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Creation of sustainable value

For your ecosystem:

Customers and prospects see you as an open, innovative business. One that is able to take a step back and look at your organisation to ensure that you are working together in a meaningful, progressive manner.

A recognised and proven model

Our faith in the Labo-Proto-Transfo model has been vindicated by our peers and the companies who have experienced it.

The Labo-Proto-Transfo model is:

  • Acknowledged as “managerial innovation” by the French Ministry for Research and Higher Education, which noted in 2013 that

    the theoretical reference framework and the methodology developed by Imfusio are indicative of a research work from an innovation organisation.

  • awarded a Research Tax Credit yearly since 2010.
  • present at INPI in 2013.
  • made sustainable impact through collaboration with “pioneer companies” from various sectors: Leroy Merlin France, AccorHotels, CNES …

Emerging concepts, sources of inspiration

  • Innovation Management, by Mol, Hamel and Birkinshaw,
  • The Innovation Diffusion Curve, by Everett Rogers
  • The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell
  • U Theory, popularized by Otto Scharmer, MIT researcher in Boston
  • Community-ship, by Henri Mintzberg