A l’instar du modèle “Labo-Proto-Transfo®”, nous avons d’abord fait appel aux volontaires/ pionniers et misé sur un effet de contamination.

In 2012 Leroy Merlin France launched the “Demain, c’est nous” action but the Rhône-Alpes’ regional management seized it to have the collaborators set its objectives instead of doing it on its own. To make this method stick, the regional management chose to be supported and advised by Imfusio.

17 store managers
2000 people
4 years of co-built transformation’s processus

A strong strategic partnership has been established during the four years of collaboration between Imfusio and Leroy Merlin due to the expansion of the initial action taken by Leroy Merlin Rhône-Alpes. At first this action was only advisory but became an association between all the managers in order to build objectives along with all the regional collaborators.

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1) Imagine and set objectives in an advisory mode.

In 2012 Imfusio hosted a workshop, which has been attended by 17 store managers who each brought 2 or 3 area managers. This sharing experiences exercise between different stores and different hierarchy levels enabled an awareness of the other’s pressures.

To develop the pleasure of working differently together

### 2) Go further building along with ALL the managers In 2014 the Rhône-Alpes management takes a big step and makes every manager join the action. An Imfusio design – which will be applied to every region to follow Leroy Merlin’s transformation – is used to make this extended participation happen.

3) Involve all 2000 collaborators

The new step taken in 2015: the region wants all the 2000 collaborators to work together. Imfusio is asked to ensure the success of this action and to conceive a two-phased collaborative action:

  • The consultation of all the collaborators within 2 days: in every store takes place sharing ideas and practices workshops hosted by Imfusio’s ambassadors. A digital collaborative intelligence tool collects the ideas emerging from these workshops.
  • 2000 people building regional qualitative objectives together.


1) Building collaborative mode value

Over the years Leroy Merlin Rhône-Alpes’ action evolved. The classic steering committee formed by the manager, the human resources and the management controllers has become diversified now including store managers, area managers and store collaborators. In 2016 the campus was devoted to one qualitative objective: “to develop the pleasure of working differently together”.

You live a transformation, you don’t inflict it!”

2) Internal initiatives

The human implications as well as the collaborative mode are now taken into account in the definition of Leroy Merlin Rhône-Alpes’ objectives. For example, a goodwill committee has been created after the collaborators’ request.

There is no collective transformation without an individual transformation, we decided to include everyone, but at their own pace.

3) An activity increase

Management has registered a revenue growth. Internally, this success is attributed to the fact that the region staked things on the men and women of their community (the quantitative objectives have been extended to the following year).