20 people
5 internal facilitators trained through the training course of Imfusio: “Facilit’hacker”
12 monthsof support

Hydraparts is a society that “pushes forward the quality of the sports’ grass flooring in respect of the environment” using machines and spare parts, maintenance, pedagogy and R&D. The business has 20 years of existence with more than 20 collaborators.

In 2017, intrigued by the collective intelligence approach, Hydraparts’ executive manager François Brouillet and four of his collaborators attended an Imfusio formation. With the anticipation of a strong growth for his business, François is now convinced that Imfusio’s sustainable functioning method is exactly what Hydraparts needs.

For François it’s the perfect way to move the company towards his humanistic values. By sharing his business operation and development responsibility François is saving time, he’s decentralizing his role and he’s bringing serenity to his business.

It’s in that spirit that Imfusio has been chosen to support Hydraparts’ transformation.

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1) Build together a governance model in a collective intelligence mode

After “theoretically” discovering the subject by reading and watching movies – like Happiness at work, a conference by Frédéric Laloux – teams have met to put the concepts in action.

What I liked the most was learning to trust the group. And I was amazed at the quality and maturity of the group’s reflections and decisions.

- François Brouillet, Hydraparts’ CEO

A launching seminar showed the strong interest of the teams for this subject despite some questionnings and apprehensions – Do we need a chef? Or How does it really works?

  • The teams quickly showed a tangible enthusiasm. The collaborators, with Imfusio’s help, revisited their way of ruling the business to go from a star leadership around one executive to a circle leadership where the collaborators are making the big company decisions about recruiting, transactional procedures, budgets, etc.
  • With that change of governance scheme new team rituals appeared.
  • The team also created a charter describing the new business’ state of mind.

The weeks following the seminar have been really busy for the teams that want to learn and to apply the new operating system. They even brought changes to their workspace to adapt it to the new ways of meeting with the employees.

What I remember is the importance of questioning, of accepting everything in question with goodwill to be able to go further, in gentleness and without hurting others.

- François Brouillet, Hydraparts’ CEO

2) Support the teams who seized the new approach

Imfusio has been supporting the teams in the following months of the seminar. In person or by correspondence, meetings have been organized to help the collaborators to take a step back and to refine their approach.

3) Support the manager in the transformation process

A specific executive manager coaching has been set up to:

  • Support him in his position evolution,
  • Develop his “letting go” ability,
  • And find a different point of view from his teams in a new shared leadership approach.


Hydraparts’ transformation is still progressing but some results are already showing:
• A shared business purpose
• A slowly growing circled leadership, which leads to a shared decision making process that doesn’t always involve the executive manager who shares his power
• Awaking leader personalities
• An emotional intelligence development in the teams and a greater attention to the employee’s needs, which helps maintain a working quality despite the strong business growth.